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“All good deeds deserve recognition.”

Our donor plaques allow your organization to show its’ thanks for the generous donations of others. These donor plaques can be used as a centerpiece of a magnificent testimonial to those who have taken part in helping your organization meet its goals. Plaques are cut in the shape of a tree and feature a sculpted inlaid trunk. Plaques may also be cut into custom shapes. I.e. Company logos or association crests.

All plaques can be customized to include different shaped inlaid areas within the specific footprint of the particular tree. An example would be to have apples or acorn shapes mixed within the leaf area of a tree, for perhaps larger contribution recognition. Different sized leaves or choice of color; gold, silver and bronze would also be an option to denote different levels of donations.

All donor trees feature plastic leaves as standard and optional brass leaves. Utilizing plastic allows for changing sizes as well as other shapes, without the need for expensive dies. Your recognition tree can grow as you develop your donor program. Side and top panels are added to increase leaf quantities as required. Additional sizes, shapes and designs can be custom created on request.

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Established in 1946, Austin Trophies is proud to be an active and growing member of the Peterborough community and a sponsor of local events, teams and activities. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price. We take every effort to provide outstanding quality of service and dedication to fulfilling client expectations.


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