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Groundbreaking ceremonies have been around for thousands of years. Early cultures associated religious or spiritual meaning with the breaking of ground. Today’s groundbreaking ceremonies are an expression of optimism, hope for the future, and celebration. They are an opportunity to bring people together in celebration of a new beginning, a historic time in the life of your organization or company, and a chance to generate publicity and public awareness for your new project.

Ribbon-cutting creemonies have been presented for well over a century. The purpose of the ceremony is to attract visitors to the location or business. It is a promotional event.

Organizations, governments, businesses and religious organizations all continue to celebrate the beginning of new construction with their own version of groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Ceremonial Shovels

Our Ceremonial shovels are “Show Chrome” plated and Gold plated. We are able to laser engrave the bowl of the shovel or on the handles. Another option is to add an engraved brass plate.

Ribbon-cutting Scissors

These are the true ceremonial scissors you’ve been searching for. They have everything you need – mirror polished finish stainless steel blades, smooth gold plated handles. The 36” ceremonial scissors are of gold or silver steel blades, injection-molded plastic handles with no unsightly commercial markings, and custom made individual packaging for safe shipping and storage. Scissors are available in 36”, 20”, 15”, 101/ 2", and 9 1/2".

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