Being presented one of these special corporate awards is a true honour. Recognize outstanding achievements in your business with one of our elegant corporate awards. Our crystal, glass, or acrylic awards are stylish and your team will be proud to display them at home or in the office.


Crystal and glass awards add a touch of class and elegance to a presentation ceremony. The way the light in the room diffracts through the crystal to give it that sparkling shine makes people feel this is an important event.Corporate Awards


Acrylic awards are a unique alternative to crystal and glass, offering different shapes, sizes and colour combinations. The deep etching makes for great colour filling for text and logos.


The presentation of an elegant clock or time can be reflective of the recipient’s time and efforts within a company or organization, or a celebration of an anniversary. Clocks can be inexpensive and simple or extravagant and expensive, depending on the occasion and the budget.

A clock is a truly unique way to give the gift of time.

We make getting awards easy for you. Our simple ordering process and worldwide shipping make it easy to get high-quality personalized awards no matter when your event is located.

Call today and ask our team how you can make your next event even more special.