Groundbreaking ceremonies have been around for thousands of years. Early cultures associated breaking ground with religious or spiritual meaning significance. Today’s groundbreaking ceremonies are an expression of optimism, hope for the future, and celebration. They are an opportunity to bring people together in celebration of a new beginning, a historic moment in the life of your organization or company, and a chance to generate publicity and public awareness for your new project.

Our Ceremonial shovels are “Show Chrome” plated and Gold plated. We are able to laser engrave the bowl of the shovel or on the handles. Another option is to add an engraved brass plate.

D-Handle Ceremonial Shovel

These custom designed shovels are made specifically for ceremonial use. Our shovels are gold plated with a mirror finish and D-handle.  The spade ears are bent backward for a cleaner look and they feature a high gloss lacquer finished wood shaft and handle. ceremonial groundbreaking shovel breaking ground in dirt
Customization Details

Our team will work with you to customize your shovel and will process your order quickly. Typically orders require 3 business days to process, however, if the matter is urgent, speak to us immediately and ask about a potential rush order. Our simple ordering process and worldwide shipping make it easy to get a high-quality personalized ceremonial groundbreaking shovel no matter when your event is located.

Call today and ask our team how you can customize a groundbreaking shovel for your next event.