Communities and institutions often award ceremonial keys to significant community members in ceremonies to commemorate certain benevolent actions of the honoree towards the institution or community. The most famous example is, of course, presenting the Key to the City. Ceremonial keys can be awarded for a variety of reasons however and out keys can be customized to fit any occasion.

Our keys can be personalized for any event using a diamond or laser engraving. Choose from a standard 8″ key or have a key custom cut for an occasion.

Custom Cut

Not sure what you need for your event? Our team will work with you. We can create a unique key custom cut and engraved for you.
Customization Details

8”  Keys

An elegant key perfect for any special occasion. 8″ in length and can be personalized with an engraving on the shaft. Ceremonial Keys
Customization Details

Mounted Plaque

This stunning ceremonial key mount plaque is perfect for displaying a ceremonial key. It has a durable masonite backing, Velcro-compatible velour background, and a 1/8″ glass front. Includes 8″ x 4″ bright gold (to match a gold key) or bright silver (to match a stainless steel key) plate with black engraving and notched corners.
Customization Details

Our team will work with you to customize your ceremonial keys and will process your order quickly. Typically orders require 3 business days to process, however, if the matter is urgent, speak to us immediately and ask about a potential rush order. Our simple ordering process and worldwide shipping make it easy to get a high-quality personalized ceremonial key no matter when your event is located.

Call today and ask our team how you can make your next event even more special.