Businesses have presented ribbon-cutting ceremonies for well over a century. As a promotional event, the purpose of the ceremony is to attract visitors to the location or business. These are the true ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors you’ve been searching for. They have everything you need – mirror-polished finish stainless steel blades, smooth gold-plated handles.

Ribbon Cutting Scissors

Our ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors have gold or silver steel blades, injection-moulded plastic handles with no unsightly commercial markings. They are available lengths of 36″, 20″, 15″, or 10.5″.
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Ceremonial Ribbon

No ribbon cutting is complete without ribbon to cut.
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Ribbon Cutting Scissors Case

Preserve your ribbon-cutting scissors after your event with a beautiful display case.
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Ribbon Cutting Scissors Plaque

Have your ribbon-cutting scissors mounted on an elegant plaque. These plaques can be hung in your office or a new location to commemorate the event.
Customization Details

Our team will work with you to customize your ribbon-cutting scissors and will process your order quickly. Typically orders require 3 business days to process, however, if the matter is urgent, speak to us immediately and ask about a potential rush order. Our simple ordering process and worldwide shipping make it easy to get a high-quality personalized ribbon-cutting scissors no matter when your event is located.

Call today and ask our team how you can customize scissors for your next event.