D-Handle Ceremonial Shovel

These custom designed shovels are made specifically for ceremonial use. Our shovels are chrome or gold plated with a mirror finish and D-handle.  The spade ears are bent backward for a cleaner look and they feature a high gloss lacquer finished wood shaft and handle.



  • Size: Spade: 8-1/2″ W. Overall Approx.
  • Length:  40″
  • Weight: approx. 4 lbs.


  • Chrome or Gold Plate
  • Laser or rotary engraving on the shovel spade.
  • Laser engraving on the shovel shaft or handle with colour fill.
  • Laser engraved or full-colour plate, with rounded corners, formed to the curvature of the shovel shaft and attached with 2 screws.

Unfortunately, these shovels can not be customized with no labels, logos, markings or embossing on handles or spade. However, our team can still help you make your shovel unique.

Call to learn more about our customization options & get a quote.